Social Media

The multiple social media platforms that now exist such as Facebook and Twitter are enabling businesses to use these sites to increase brand awareness, increase exposure to their products and reach out to a wide audience of potential customers.  However, this new form of marketing is not a simple process and can take a significant amount of time and resource. The best results are most likely to be achieved through outsourcing your companies SMO into the hands of an expert. Digital marketing experts and SMO freelancers are at the forefront of the latest strategies which will deliver the best results for businesses. They can create a fantastic buzz around your brand, attract attention to your products and build you a network of loyal followers through social media platforms.


We will analyze your needs and help to determine if Facebook is right for your business. We take the time to create a branded, content-rich page and ensure that it stays fresh and interactive, as a useful tool for marketing and communication, as well as tracking your audience.


As a means of instant communication with followers, Twitter has become a central mode of communication for businesses of all sizes. We have utilized Twitter for clients as a promotional tool, as well as a mode for customer service. We can make sure your Twitter is being used effectively.


Business-to-Business marketing (B2B) is one of our specialties, and Linkedin is a wonderful tool in not only connecting professionals but also businesses. Let us make sure you are highlighting your services and putting your best foot forward to industry peers.


Nothing on the internet has the potential to go viral and create buzz like video content. For the right type of business, Youtube can be a highly effective social medium. Whether you already have custom video content, or you wish to utilize our "Video and Photography" services, we will create a branded Youtube channel and give your company the tools for viral grassroots video campaigns.

There are many other social media platforms that our team has mastered and can use in your marketing strategy - and new technology is developing all the time. We keep up with the trends, and we can determine what social media package would optimize your brand.