Event Planning

Event Planning

We offer full-service event planning to meet your business needs. We understand the how important it is to manage every detail of your event, so that it unfolds smoothly and exactly as you expected.

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What We Do

We understand that success of any event is largely a matter of managing details. That͛s why we offer fullservice event planning. We͛ll discuss your vision for the event and your goals and objectives. Following that consultation, we͛ll manage event planning and delivery, freeing you to focus on other things.

We offer the following event management services:

  • Ribbon cutting
  • Secure event space
  • Curate the guest list
  • Send invitations
  • Plan the event agenda
  • Secure event vendors
  • Prepare promotional materials
  • Conduct pre-event outreach
  • Create and distribute press release(s)
  • Prepare and distribute media invitations

What You Can Expect

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We believe that timely communication with event stakeholders and effective project management are the keys to delivering successful events. We have processes in place to manage every detail - large and small - of your event.

How It Works

We͛ll make with you to discuss your timeline, support needs, and event goals. From there, we͛ll prepare a custom plan describing next steps and what you can expect from us. Contact your account executive to learn more about how we can help you with your next event.