Public Relations

Novare Digital has a team of skilled writers and media planners who can help get your company into the PR game. Public Relations isn't just for Fortune 500 Corporations – even the smallest business can benefit from local press coverage, a good review, or a "shout out" in a specialty blog. We offer several PR packages for small/medium companies. Some services we offer include:

News Releases

With a changing news landscape that is more focused on digital media, news releases are no longer limited to the press; they serve as direct line of communication with your key audiences through your company website, RSS feeds, keyword searches, etc. We will build news releases for your company that gain news coverage as well as valuable consumer attention. Whether it's promoting an event, unveiling a new product, or announcing a contest, we make sure you keep media attention focused on the noteworthy things happening at your business.

Media Kit Creation

We can create a digital or print media kit for your company that serves as the best resource for journalists. Creating a media kit that is distinct in an endless stream of company propaganda is important for media placement. We understand the importance of providing direct, simple, and compelling information for journalists, so that they can quickly absorb the content and produce rich and positive stories.

Research and Analysis

Understanding public opinion is essential to creating a constructive environment for acceptance of messages related to your company. Research enables the communication team to adjust, revise, and eliminate certain public relations tactics as needed. Undergoing the proper research will allow us to create the most effective and impactful PR strategy for your audience.

Social Networking Management

We will make you a branded presence in the social media world. Once your social media site has been set up, regular, interactive activity is essential to its effectiveness. Uploading pictures of events, tagging members, responding to people's questions and concerns, and posting new and relevant news or information regularly is what keeps your audience involved and connected. We can manage all of these tasks for you.

Social Media Monitoring

One way to understand what your clients think about your business is to listen to them on their own blogs and social media sites. This means we will pay attention to what related forums, blogs, websites, and trade publications are saying about not only your business, but about your market. Listening to the blogosphere provides you with valuable feedback and alerts you to issues that impact your company. We will ensure that you not only stay abreast of the conversation happening in the social media world, we will keep you in the conversation.

Blog Writing and Outreach

It may be advantageous for your company to maintain a blog that has interesting and relevant posts for customers to read. You may want to include relevant news articles about your industry, have original staff submissions, or have Novare’s team of excellent writers develop your posts Either way, we can set up an engaging blog for your company and make it easy to post entries regularly. We will also establish relationships with others bloggers in your company’s area of interest, and create mutually beneficial relationships so your brand is posting the most useful content available.