Nashville Opera - Updated Preview

This is an updated preview of design one, incorporating the comments we received.

Design One - Updated

The menu is available in two variations. First, in an expanded format with larger logo. This version is visible when users first open a page on the website. Second, a narrower version with smaller logo. This version is visible as users scroll down the page. This "sticky" menu bar will always be visible at the top of the page as users scroll down.


The main image is set up as a carousel. Attached are variations of images that can be inserted. Nashville Opera will be able to create and insert their own images. Image dimensions will be provided.


Nashville Opera - First Preview

Pleae note, the preview images are static and none of the interactive elements will work. Please use your browser zoom function to display image in full width.

Design One

Design Two


These variations contain design elements from the past season, but there may be layouts that you like that can be incorporated into the design options listed above.