Thursday, February 07, 2019 05:14 PM


ATL Automotive Group last Friday unveiled the new Mini Cooper Countryman Works Plug-In Hybrid to an enthusiastic audience at its showroom alongLady Musgrave Road in St Andrew.

The vehicle - which can run on either electricity or gas, or use of a combination of both - will reportedly cover approximately 42 kilometres on electricity only, effectively getting the owner to work and back home.

It is fitted with BMW Groups eDrive technology and an electric all-wheel-drive system, with the front wheels being powered by the combustion engine and the rear wheels by the electric motor.Thejobof providing efficient forward propulsion is shared between a three-cylinder petrol engine and a synchronous electric motor, which together produce system output of 165 kW/224 horsepower, with fuel consumption of 2.3-2.1 litres per 100 kilometres and carbon dioxide emissions figure of 52-49 grams per kilometre.

At the launch on Friday, a panel discussion gave tidbits about the cost-effectiveness of the vehicle as well as its environmental friendliness.

The panelists wereDionne Nugent, senior vice president of business development of Jamaica Public Service; Sloane Jackson, ATL Automotives head of business for BMWand Mini; Jason Robinson, CEO of SolarBuzz; and Eleanor Jones, managing director and consulting principal of Environmental Solutions Limited and chairperson ...

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