Tuesday, February 09, 2016 10:16 PM


Last semester some members of Dalton Middle Schools journalism class completed a video that has received national attention.

The students were challenged by PBS NewsHour to produce a piece about young people breaking down stereotypes.

Josephine Conley, Hadley King, Hannah Miller and GiGi Robertson produced a two-minute video titled Taking Flight that profiled Miller, a 13-year-old pilot.

They were the production crew, said Gina Gray, who teaches the class. It was solely a student-produced video, thats what makes it so great. Then the fact that its about someone in middle school is the cherry on top.

Miller, an eighth-grader, said she got the flying bug at the tender age of 3.

It sounds crazy but I knew that I wanted to pursue aviation, and its been something that I really push to aspire to and every day become greater, she said.

Miller took her first flight lesson with a family friend while in elementary school.

The sunset was absolutely beautiful and I was even more so assured that this was something that I wanted to do and pursue, she said.

Jack Gray, Gina Grays father, provided the plane for the students to film.

My dad flew here (from Alabama), he has a small plane and took Hannah ...

News source: Dalton Daily News

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