Tuesday, January 22, 2019 04:57 PM


Its more of a land oddity than a space oddity, but that wont stop fans of the late David Bowie from flocking to the Festival Automobile International[1] later this month.

The festival will be featuring its first full-scale concept carcreated in tribute to musical icon Bowieproduced entirely with 3D printing, announced Massivit 3D Printing Technologies[2], one of its creators, in a press release.

We were keen to support this project and present the car almost as a piece of art, very much like a sculpture, said FAI president Rmi Depoix.

I am very impressed with this new technology. It opens up new opportunities in terms of creativity and design for the automotive industry.

The carsleek, low and spaceship-looking with Union Jacks etched on its rimswas designed by Takumi Yamamoto[3],and created by Massivitand Marie 3D[4].

It was Yamamotos dream to build a Bowie-inspired concept car embodying the artists personal and physical traits.

The designer, who specializes in one-offconcept Hypercars, among other things, ...

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