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The exact day the local newspaper in Chattanooga started is unknown, but the year was 1869. What is known is that The Daily Times was published on Dec. 30, 1869, and a newspaper has been a part of the Chattanooga community for all the 54,435 days since. A second daily newspaper began publishing in Chattanooga in 1891 and continued until 1999, when the two merged to form this newspaper. Inside all those pages of newsprint over the last 149 years can be found the ultimate textbook on Chattanooga history, with tens of thousands of chapters. "Historically, newspapers have played a unique role in this country's history," said Penny Abernathy, who holds the Knight Chair in Journalism and Digital Media Economics at the University of North Carolina. "Newspapers have been community builders as well as educators of its citizens. The first thing a founder of a community west of the Mississippi would do is to put out a newspaper because it creates a sense of identity." Abernathy is a former editor at the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, where she learned about the history of Adolph Ochs, who bought The Daily Times in 1878 and later bought The ...

News source: Tennessee legislature

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