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Youve washed your hands and taken vitamin C[1], but you still managed to catch your office cubemates germs. Part of avoiding a cold or the flu is knowing the facts. Colds[2] and flus are caused by viruses not because you went outside in the cold, says Dr. Sandra Fryhofer, a practicing internist at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta and a past president of the American College of Physicians.Almost as prevalent as cases of the cold and flu are these myths, which we've debunked to help you have a healthier season:

1. The cold can turn into the flu.

False. The common cold and the flu are both respiratory illnesses, but they're caused by different viruses, says Dr. Kenneth Steier, dean of clinical education and a professor of medicine at the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in Middletown, New York. They appear identical at times because both cause similar flu-like symptoms. So, whats the difference? The flu causes more severe symptoms than the cold, such as fever, body aches, extreme tiredness and dry cough. The common cold is ...

News source: The Huffington Post

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