Monday, December 14, 2015 11:00 AM


Whitfield County officials got two early Christmas presents last week that together will cut their projected budget deficit next year by $1.3 million.

First, their pension administrator informed them funding levels were higher than they originally believed, making it unnecessary for them to make a pension contribution next year. That will save the county $1.1 million.

“What happened was that we had very large gains in 2012 and 2013 in our assets. But they deferred those gains over a few years,” said county Finance Director Alicia Vaughn.

The second good news came from the Georgia Department of Transportation, which informed the county that it will fund a planned project at Yeager Drive and the South Dalton Bypass.

“We need to put a turn lane down there to handle trucks going into and out of the new distribution center of Shaw Industries,” said Board of Commissioners Chairman Mike Babb. “We had $200,000 in the budget to handle that, but now that the state has agreed to take that on we can take that out of the budget.”

The revised general budget projects some $38.6 million in revenue, up from $38.1 million in revenue this year. It calls for $41.7 million in spending, up from $40.3 million ...

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