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For most people, the common cold is a minor annoyance. But if you have asthma, a cold can trigger an asthma attack. Colds can be especially serious in children with asthma.

Preventing colds and other infections, such as the flu, is one way you can stay healthy and minimize the risk of asthma attacks in you or your child.

Colds and Asthma

When you have a cold, your runny, stuffy nose and cough can make it harder to breathe. For some individuals, persistent coughing is sufficient to trigger an asthma attack.Not only do colds increase your risk of having an asthma attack, if a cold or the flu triggers your asthma symptoms, they are often more difficult to treat and last longer than usual.

One key part of managing asthma is recognizing your triggers and avoiding them if possible. Real asthma patients and specialists discuss what brings their symptoms on and how they cope.

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