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A couple of Northeast Wisconsin families are pushing for a change in state law after what they call “nightmare” experiences trying to adopt children in Wisconsin.

Now they’re teaming up with a local lawmaker to change the law.

The smiles don’t begin to show the love these parents and children share for each other.

Watching them eat lunch together around the dinner table, you’d never know the nightmare they’ve been through trying to complete adoptions in Wisconsin.

“For us, it was such an emotionally difficult adoption with our first son that we had decided we would never do that again,” says Carrie Madson.

“When we started our adoption journey several years ago, we had a pretty brutal first adoption process,” explains Addie Teeters.

Addie and her husband, Brian, who is a WBAY employee, and Adam and Carrie Madson each tried to adopt their first child in Wisconsin.

The Teeters had a newborn little girl at home with them for three months, waiting for the court to finalize the adoption, when the birth mother changed her mind.

“We found that Wisconsin is not an adoption friendly state. It makes it much more difficult,” says Brian Teeters.

The Madsons had a similar experience trying to adopt Jax, though eventually they were ...

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