Wednesday, October 28, 2015 11:00 AM


WE wish this wasn't so, but news that a local adoption attorney has allegedly bilked prospective parents out of thousands of dollars comes as no great surprise. That the attorney is being prosecuted is a sign of progress in Oklahoma, but his actions also highlight the need for additional adoption reforms.

Attorney Robert Golden Boren is charged with creating a fake company in order to mask his efforts to charge prospective adoptive parents expenses that exceeded the actual living costs of birth mothers. Boren also is accused of overcharging adoptive parents for so-called social services. Prosecutors say those practices allowed Boren to extract more than $110,000 in illegal profit from prospective adoptive couples between 2009 and 2013.

Boren faces 25 felony counts, including one count of trafficking in children.

Abuses of the system have long been a problem in Oklahoma. In 2006, a state grand jury found that some adoptive parents were provided babies in exchange for vehicles, car parts, payment of traffic tickets, television sets and other items masked as adoption costs. The grand jury concluded Oklahoma's haphazard regulation of adoption expenses created an atmosphere where some women and their attorneys effectively soldchildren.

Nearly three years later, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater ...

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