Tuesday, October 30, 2018 12:25 PM


Following last weeks announcement, the Governors Foundation for Health and Wellness has expanded its Healthier Tennessee Neighborhoods initiative with the official launch of the program in Chattanooga. Six neighborhoods have been chosen as pilot communities that are now working towards the official Healthier Tennessee Neighborhood designation.

Local neighborhoods are convening residents to establish wellness councils and commit to developing and implementing a healthy-neighborhood plan.

The six neighborhoods include:Belleau Woods Belvoir Boyce Station Glass Farms Shepherd Southside With Healthier Tennessee Communities efforts underway in nearly every county in Tennessee, we are excited to launch our third urban program in the state here in Chattanooga, Governors Foundation for Health and Wellness CEORichard Johnson said. This approach helps ensure that people in our states metropolitan areas in addition to those in small towns and rural counties will have the opportunity to benefit from an on-going grassroots program aimed at improving the health of all Tennesseans, he added.

Additional Chattanooga neighborhoods will join the program in the coming weeks, with a goal of establishing the initiative citywide by 2020.

I commend the Governors Foundation for Health and Wellness on this exciting endeavor to improve our community health at the neighborhood level, County CommissionerKatherlyn Getersaid. Were all more inclined ...

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