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For individuals with food allergies or dietary restrictions, grocery shopping can be especially tedious as each items ingredient list and nutrition label must be carefully studied. Now, an app called ipiit is offering a solution to save time and help make healthier choices.

The app allows users to scan the barcodes of foods theyre interested in and uses visual symbols to indicate whether or not a product is good for the individuals health needs.

Users first create a profile, listing the foods they are allergic to or would like to avoid because of dietary needs, such as wheat or artificial sweeteners. Then, when shopping, they scan the barcode of items by using their smartphone camera. The app will scan through the foods ingredients and let users know if its safe to eat based on the preferences they provided.

Ipiit will recommend similar products that users may try if a scanned product contains ingredients theyre avoiding.

If an item isnt in the database, users have the option to email photos to the app developers.

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