Sunday, September 20, 2015 07:26 PM


The bridge over Tar Creek at Brookwood Park officially reopened on Friday, just over a year after a torrential rain washed it out.

Brookwood neighborhood resident Lynn Karlen said Friday afternoon she was glad to see the bridge finally back up.


“I walk around the park anyway,” she said. “But for people just using the pavilion it’s going to be more convenient.”

Dalton City Council member Gary Crews, who lives nearby in the Brookwood neighborhood, said residents are happy the bridge is back up.

“Most of the parking is on (the west) side of the park,” he said. “But the pavilion and everything is on the other side. So you’ve either had to park here and walk all the way around or some people have been crowding into the parking on the other side, creating some overflow problems. I’m sure the people who live on (the east) side of the park are happy the bridge is back up.”

Members of the City Council and employees of the Parks and Recreation Department came to the park Friday morning for the official dedication ceremony.

Officials said replacing the bridge was delayed by two factors. The first was the wait to see if insurance would cover its replacement. It ...

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