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Not long ago, Walker Shell would have hesitated to drive down Southgate Avenue. Now he owns a home on the street, in the heart of the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood a few blocks south of downtown Nashville.

"This was an area you didn't come to, like the Gulch 10 years ago," said Shell.

Like the Gulch, once an empty industrial area that today is home to condos, restaurants and high-rise offices, Wedgewood-Houston is quickly redeveloping. The neighborhood, long home to a mix of industrial sites, warehouses and small homes, has become popular with artists, musicians and, more recently, homeowners like Shell.

"Before I moved, I did a lot of research," said Shell, who purchased an 1,800-square-foot house in SoHo Commons, a cluster development of nine new homes built by Red Horse Builders + Developers.

Since purchasing his home last year, Shell said 18 new homes have been built nearby. He believes his new neighbors are looking for the same thing he wanted — an affordable new home close to downtown, the Melrose neighborhood on Eighth Avenue South and the 12 South neighborhood on 12th Avenue South.


Lower prices, for now

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