Friday, July 31, 2015 10:00 AM


From the moment they got off the plane, they were greeted with cheers and applause. People wanted to shake their hands. Children asked if they could take their photos with them.

Some might say they were treated like rock stars. But Chatsworth resident Laura Greeson said they were something much better than rock stars.


“They are heroes,” she said.

Greeson recently accompanied 87 World War II veterans on a free trip to Washington, D.C., hosted by Honor Flight, a nonprofit organization formed in 2011 that aims to make sure all remaining World War II veterans have a chance to see the National World War II Memorial, which opened in 2004.

“Every veteran can bring a family member or friend with them to help them out and tend to their needs,” she said. “When they don’t have anyone, the organization provides them with a guardian. That was my role.”

Greeson came to serve as an Honor Flight volunteer by chance. She had seen a documentary on the organization and was interested. Then she found that an old friend was serving as the volunteer coordinator for the group’s Chicago branch.

“She posted photos from one trip. I contacted her and said I was interested. I did a brief ...

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