Friday, July 17, 2015 12:00 AM


The Dalton Depot’s Conductor’s Filet was named one of the “100 Plates That Locals Love” by the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Tourism Division and is featured in the state’s new culinary guide “Georgia Eats.”

“It’s Georgia’s outstanding local restaurants that truly showcase the state’s rich flavors that locals and visitors love,” said Kevin Langston, deputy commissioner for tourism at the Georgia Department of Economic Development. “Each dish on our list of ‘100 Plates That Locals Love’ epitomizes Georgia’s culinary scene with locally made and grown ingredients. These are the best of the best in Georgia and we can’t wait to share them with our visitors.”

The Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Tourism Division is celebrating the state’s culinary greatness this year. One of the initiatives selected the dishes that make the state’s food unique, inspiring and just plain good eating.

As a part of this designation, each restaurant is featured in the “Georgia Eats” official culinary guide, which is being distributed by the 11 Visitor Information Centers statewide; on the state’s consumer tourism website,; and on’s 14 social media channels.

“We don’t raise the cattle, we just take the best steak and cook it perfectly,” said T.J. Kaikobad, owner ...

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