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Beatrice Jones said Wednesday of her late husband, Pvt. 1st Class Jack Jones, that he did not speak much about his service in World War II.

“He told me that while he was serving he enjoyed meeting the people of the different countries, and talking with them,” said Jones, of Murray County. “He really enjoyed seeing the different places. He would tell me that over and over.”

Barbara Jones Glaze, Jones’ daughter, said she had heard only a few stories herself.

“He never spoke much about the war. But late at night, I could get up and go in the kitchen and he’d be in there drinking coffee,” Glaze remembered. “That is when he would talk about it some.”

It was a bit surprising, then, when the family learned that Jack Jones, who had been drafted to serve in the United States Army in 1942, racked up quite a bit of honors while overseas.

On Wednesday, Jones’ family was presented with service medals commemorating his time in the South Pacific during a ceremony hosted by U.S. Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ranger.

Beatrice Jones accepted on behalf of the family eight awards earned by her husband, who passed away in 1998 — a Bronze Star Medal; Good Conduct Medal; ...

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