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Clinical trials seek to discover new ways to attack the disease, limit metastasis and prevent recurrence.

JESSE WALDINGER'S tumor was found during an eye exam. Fortunately, it was discovered early and his vision was saved. - PHOTO BY AMBER BAUHOFF

Jesse Waldinger had been putting off his annual eye exams because his vision wasnt changing. He just didnt think it was necessary to see an optometrist. When his vision started declining in 2017, he booked an eye exam, where he was stunned to learn he had a tumor in his right eye. The diagnosis was uveal melanoma.

Waldinger underwent plaque brachytherapy a procedure that involves putting a temporary implant in the eye that delivers a concentrated dose of radiation to the tumor. There is no detectable cancer in his eye today.

My vision is not back to normal. I cannot easily keep both eyes open when I read. But I can drive, says Waldinger, 71, who also had a follow-up laser procedure to remove dead tumor tissue from his eye. I am really lucky, he says of his experience with uveal melanoma. I had a tumor that was caught early.

The uveal tract is made up of three regions, all of which are susceptible to ...

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