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By Judith Whitehead Contributing Writer

July is Dry Eye Awareness Month.

When a person does not have the ability to produce enough of their own natural tears to adequately lubricate their eyes, they have a condition called dry eye. More than 40 million Americans suffer from dry eye, and many mistake their symptoms for allergies, fatigue or living in a dry environment.

There are a few types of dry eye.

One involves being deficient in aqueous, or fluid, production. In these cases, not enough tears are being produced by the body. This is the most common type.

Eyes become itchy, red and uncomfortable. The lids may stick shut on waking in the morning and feel almost like sand paper during the day.

Over-the-counter moisturizers may be tried. Make sure you do not buy a moisturizer that has a whitener component in it, as that may dry the eye even more. Drops with a whitener added may get the red out by blanching the blood vessel on the surface of the eye but also make the eye rebound even worse a few hours later.

There are several ways to treat dry eye, Judith Whitehead says.

Preservative-free drops are more pure and can be used several times a ...

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