Thursday, June 28, 2018 01:12 PM


A new treatment developed by a doctor at Northwestern Medical Hospital offers hope for men suffering from prostate cancer. When hormonal therapies fail to abate the disease, enzalutamide, an oral medication, can offer an alternative.

In a three-year clinical trial, oncologist Dr. Maha Hussain found[1] that enzalutamide resulted in a 71% lower risk of cancer spread or death compared to those taking the placebo. Men taking the drug also slowed cancer reappearance by almost two years.

Enzalutamide works by shutting down the receptor on the cancer cell that receives hormones like testosterone. Without these hormones, the cancer cell dies or goes dormant. The earlier this treatment is implemented, the more effective the drug, says Hussain.

The peer-reviewed studysponsored by Pfizer[2] and Astellas Pharma, who plan to manufacture enzalutamide under the brand name Xtandiwas published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine[3]. Around 1,400 men between the ages of 50 and 95 participated in the study. In all participants, their prostate cancer hadnt ...

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