Sunday, June 28, 2015 12:00 PM


More than 200 people enjoyed low country dishes and danced the night away to Carolina Shag music last Saturday at the Creative Arts Guild’s Second Annual Low Country Boil Cook-Off.

Participating in the cook-off were six teams comprised of local chefs hoping to be awarded titles such as “Most Unique Recipe” or “Best Smack Talkin’.” Judging the competition were Dalton Mayor Dennis Mock, Lori McDaniel and Joey Parrott.

 “CCR,” made up of Stephen and Amy Cole, and Tim and Amy Ross, took home the “Most Enthusiastic Team” award. “Cinderella Story,” with team members David Aft, William Bronson, Bill Davies, Zach Hash and John Wilson, was awarded the “Best Decorations” prize.

“Cotton Pickin’ Good,” including chefs Cindy and David McCreery, Diane and Dan Rogers, and Cathy and Steve Snyder, won the “Best Smack Talkin’ ” award, while “Holy Smoke,” made up of Wayne Bell, Kenneth Harless, David and Mary Julian Renz, Greg Renz and Jim Touey, were honored with “Best Side Dish.”

“T-Lady and the Shrimpettes,” including cooks Zack and Anna Adamson, Will Dendy, Jason and Stephanie Reynolds, Michelle and Clay Shaw, and Lee and Toki Starks, swept the competition, winning the “Most Unique Recipe,” “Best All Around” and “People’s Choice” awards.

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