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The closer Robert Tripp Moore got to his new girlfriend, the more he knew he had to end things.

Moore, now 26, had started seeing an elementary school teacher he described as a really good and nice person casually last summer. But when things started to get physical,she started to have some questions. She asked him why he never seemed to respond physically when they were intimate why she could never feel anything down there. Moore, not willing to tell her the truth, dismissed his impotence as a consequence of too much coffee.

Eventually, and before they had sex, he told her he was too young for a relationship and needed to explore.

I wouldve done anything to have stayed with her, but I was too anxious about what would happen if we tried to have sex and I couldnt get it up, he recalled.

Moore is a testicular cancer survivor who had chemotherapy and one testicle removed. Immediately after treatment, he struggled to get erections.

Its bad enough to have cancer, but then to survive it and not be able to have a normal sex life makes it even tougher on a person,he said.

For most cancer patients Moore included ...

News source: The Huffington Post

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