Monday, March 19, 2018 07:28 PM


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The latest effort to come up with a male birth control pill has found a formulation that appears to be safe.

But the experimental pill has some of the same problems that plague female birth control pills: it caused the men to gain weight, and its not yet clear how well it works.

Even though the researchers said they were very excited by the results, they havent been testing it long enough to show whether it decreases sperm production, and they havent shown whether it stops couples from conceiving.

Nonetheless, it may be the best hope yet for a non-permanent male contraceptive, said Stephanie Page of the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Our last great advance in male contraception was 300 years ago with the development of the condom, Page told a news conference.

The pill Pages team tested is called dimethandrolone undecanoate (DMAU) and its tweaked version of previous failed efforts to develop a male pill. It is being developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health.


The last big hope for a male birth control pill fell apart in 2016 when the drug was shown to damage ...

News source: WRCBTV

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