Monday, March 12, 2018 11:03 PM


DALTON, Ga. (WDEF) On Monday night, the Dalton Public Schools Education Board met for their regular agenda meeting for the first time since a former teacher barricaded himself inside a classroom, and fired a shot out of a window.

What couldve happened in that situation didnt. What needed to happen did. What has to happen going forward is what you need to always assess, and this is that part of this process, Board Chair Richard Fromm said.

The board and interim Superintendent briefly spoke about a forum thats going to be held Tuesday night.

The open forum is on school safety and security.

We want to get more ideas, so that then we can pull a smaller group together to look at these ideas, start developing how, what we can implement, what might not need to be. So some maybe not to the point that they are appropriate for our school system, Interim Superintendent Don Amonett said.

Amonett said theyve reviewed the things that they have been doing, and they are working to get a lot of input.

He added that he has already made an initiative to get input from students and staff, and now, wants to hear from the community.

Weve settled down to the ...

News source: WDEF

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