Thursday, March 01, 2018 10:00 AM


Theres a spark of energy that shows no sign of slowing down in Nashvilles Wedgewood- Houston neighborhood. Situated a few blocks south of the citys downtown, the area was long a run-down part of town with warehouses, factories and garages. Today, artists, musicians and other creative types are moving into shiny modern condominiums and homes. Just as local real estate developers have been attracted by the inexpensive land and prime location, entrepreneurs have been lured in for these same reasons, too, and are opening restaurants, distilleries, art galleries and other businesses that draw crowds from all over town.


Once a jam factory, now a bar and restaurant: the front area of this airy, two-year-old space is home to a bar cum lounge with mismatched couches and chairs with deep cushions. The cocktails are innovative, the spirit list is long, and an oversize plate of decadent nachos is the sole dining option. Hidden behind a sliding, metal door, however, is an intimate 24-seat restaurant where diners choose from a grid style menu to design their dream five-course dinner; entrees change weekly but emphasize local ingredients in eclectic New American dishes. One of the city's pricier restaurants, a ...

News source: The New York Times

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