Monday, February 05, 2018 05:28 PM


(Reuters) - Use of Xtandi in early stage prostate cancer on top of standard hormone therapy reduced the risk of disease spreading or death by 71 percent compared with hormone therapy alone, study results that could lead to significantly increased sales of the Pfizer Inc and Astellas Pharma Inc medicine.

The data from a highly anticipated study released on Monday showed that it took 36.6 months for the disease to spread to other parts of the body in patients who received Xtandi plus androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), a measure known as median metastasis-free survival. That compared with 14.7 months for ADT alone, a highly statistically significant difference of nearly two years.

Subjects in the 1,400-patient study were deemed at elevated risk of developing metastases in the bones or elsewhere.

The findings from the trial are quite impressive in terms of delaying the visibility of the cancer, said Dr. Maha Hussain, the studys lead investigator who will present the data at a cancer meeting in San Francisco later this week.

She noted that current treatments for this patient population are not life prolonging or significantly impactful, so there is a high unmet need for delaying development of metastases and progression to ...

News source: Reuters

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