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If you go What: Outdoor Chattanooga's Winter Workshops When: 6 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays Jan. 18 - March 1 Where: Outdoor Chattanooga in Coolidge Park, 200 River St. Maybe you wouldn't expect to become dehydrated going for a run or completing a fitness routine outside in the winter. It's too cold. You're not sweating. You'd be wrong. Moisture loss isn't as noticeable in the winter because people don't sweat nearly as much as they would during the summer months. But breathing dry winter air increases moisture loss through exhaling water vapor. So performing even normal, everyday activities during the winter can lead to mild dehydration. Wintertime dehydration doesn't happen often in this area, experts say, but it's possible, and when it does most people don't realize it because the obvious signs of dehydration in summer aren't as apparent. Outdoor Chattanooga staff will host Winter Workshops on Thursdays, Jan. 18 to March 1. The free series offers classroom-based outdoor education and skill-building workshops. Outdoor Chattanooga staff will host Winter Workshops on... Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press. More likely, dehydration will accompany the flu, though symptoms of influenza could be alleviated if people drank more water, says Dr. Greg ...

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