Monday, December 11, 2017 01:55 PM


A bowl full of bright green steamed broccoli. You say either "Yum!" -- or "Where's the double cheeseburger?" But you know the broccoli is good for you, especially withoutmelted cheese. The question is, how good? And more to the point, can it -- or any food -- help prevent disease, such as cancer[1]?

The answer is yes -- some foods do show cancer[2]-fighting properties, though no one is yet able to say one food or another can prevent or stop cancer[3] in its tracks. Still, a body of research suggests an overall healthy diet filled with colorful fruits and vegetables[4] is the key to skirting heart disease[5], diabetes[6], and possibly cancertoo.

In fact, scientists know more about what not to eat -- processed meats, salty foods, sugary drinks, ...

News source: WebMD

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