Friday, December 08, 2017 10:54 AM


Its always a good idea to get a general checkup from your doctor, even if youre the president.

The White House confirmed this week[1] that President Donald Trump will submit to a regular physical exam sometime next year, following a host of stories and inquiries about his health.The White House also stated that the president is in pretty good health.

Its a smart move for Trump to actually follow through on: Regular checkups with your physician are more vital to your health than you realize, according to experts.Even if you believe youre healthy.

Annual visits are a great way to take charge of your health by focusing on prevention, Dr. Heather Hawthorne, a board-certified family physician based in Los Angeles, told HuffPost in an email. Seeing a doctor when you are well, rather than waiting for illness to strike, allows you to work toward preventing serious problems.

However, some doctors feel the term annual physical can be misleading, and patients should aim for just regular visits. That could mean every year, or once every two years. You should discuss with your doctor what regular looks like for you, and always check in if ...

News source: The Huffington Post

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