Friday, August 04, 2017 09:00 AM


It has been well established that kids develop allergies to the top eight foods: milk, egg, wheat, soy, peanut, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. Most of the reactions in adults occur to the top eight foods as well, according to Dr. Sharon Chinthrajah, an assistant professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine and medical director of the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research, which was involved in shaping the survey. That said, shellfish allergy is more common among adults than among children, as it tends to appear later in life.

Several patterns have been observed that are unique to adults who develop new food allergies. One is called oral allergy syndrome, which occurs in a small percentage of adults who have seasonal allergies. It involves your body getting tricked, said Dr. Chinthrajah. She explained that some adults might have allergies to tree pollen, for example, and some of the tree proteins are similar to those in fruits and vegetables, so when your body eats the raw form of those foods, it thinks youre eating tree pollen. Birch tree pollen, for instance, bears similarities to proteins found in fruits ...

News source: The New York Times

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