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The walls of the Emery Center's military room in the past have featured photos of veterans from Dalton.

Now the room features displays and uniforms focusing on three Dalton natives Lt. Chelsea "Joe" Bartenfeld, Capt. Murray Lumpkin and Rear Adm. Mack Gaston, representing the Air Force, Army and Navy respectively. The Marines are also represented. Four mannequins are fully dressed in uniforms representing each branch.

Carol Lumpkin, wife of the late Murray Lumpkin, said her "passion" for keeping his memory alive was a contributing factor in the upgrades. During the past year Carol Lumpkin worked with Curtis Rivers, director of the Emery Center, an African-American Heritage and Multicultural Center, on the changes in the room.

"The idea sort of evolved from me not wanting to give away Murrays uniform and have it thrown in a pile of clothing," said Lumpkin. "Thats really where it started, it was a passion of mine not to have his uniform ignored.

Murray Lumpkin was a longtime doctor in Dalton whose career included serving as chief of surgery at Valley Forge Army Hospital in Pennsylvania. He died in 2015 at the age of 86.

"I didn't want to give his uniform to a resale shop," Carol Lumpkin said. "I ...

News source: Dalton Daily News

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