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Dr. Eve Glazier Dr. Eve Glazier Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press. DEAR DOCTOR: What is inflammation and how does it work? DEAR READER: At its most basic, inflammation is the body's localized response to injury or infection. When you catch a cold, scrape your knee or get a sunburn, inflammation is the cause of the swelling, heat, pain and redness that follow. And while it sounds simple, the pathways and mechanisms of inflammation, as well as the many ways it can act upon the body, are really quite complex. The human body is perpetually on guard for anything that may harm it. This includes physical injury to skin, bone, organs or tissues, or potentially dangerous invaders such as bacteria, viruses, pathogens or other harmful stimuli. When damage is detected, the body's immune system rallies. Many different types of immune cells "wake up" and begin to release a variety of substances, each of which causes a rapid series of protective responses. This is part of a process known as acute inflammation. Without the inflammation response, our wounds and injuries would not heal. However, things can go awry. Sometimes the immune system will issue an inflammation response against otherwise innocuous ...

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