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VIDEOS: #NEWNASHVILLERapid growth changes The Nations | 0:37

Developers are flocking to The Nations to build residences, retail and restaurants as the neighborhood booms. Lizzy Alfs/The Tennessean

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VIDEOS: #NEWNASHVILLESkyscraper crane operator's view of Nashville | 3:12

27-story Westin Nashville Hotel crane operator Lee Essick shares what he sees high in the sky above downtown Nashville. Shelley Mays / The Tennessean

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VIDEOS: #NEWNASHVILLETake a deep breath. The Station Inn will be around for awhile. | 2:25

Take a deep breath. The iconic bluegrass venue, the Station Inn, hangs on to its music and history in one of the areas hottest development spots, The Gulch. Larry McCormack / The Tennessean

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VIDEOS: #NEWNASHVILLEHow newcomers are bringing Jefferson Street back to life | 1:30

Eva Evans is opening her veterinary business on Jefferson Street. She helps to explain the appeal to newcomers who have their eyes on living and opening new businesses in the Jefferson Street area. George Walker VI / The Tennessean

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VIDEOS: #NEWNASHVILLEEast Nashville's Dino's is a second home to regulars | 1:00

Dino's Bar in East Nashville is a historic neighborhood spot with loyal customers. Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean

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VIDEOS: #NEWNASHVILLEFour professionals uniquely representing Nashville ...

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