Thursday, April 06, 2017 08:00 PM


At least three development teams are vying for an opportunity to develop a transit-oriented project on 5.1 acres that adjoins the Donelson Station train stop along the Music City Star commuter rail line.

A partnership of locally based H.G. Hill Realty Co. and Southeast Venture; Philadelphia-based Pennrose, whose local development partner is Holladay Properties; and Nashville-based Imagine1 Co. in a separate partnership with Freeman Webb all sat through interviews last week.

Each team had submitted bids to the Regional Transportation Authority of Middle Tennessee by the March 20 deadline. A winning development partner is expected to be picked later this month to enter into negotiations over specific terms under which the 5.1 acres would be developed.

"It's exciting to see that Donelson Station has three strong bidders toward the creation of a transit-oriented town center for Donelson," said Jeff Syracuse, the area's Metro Councilman. "This is the kind of private market investment we need to support a regional transit system."

Donelson Station is the first stop outside of downtown Nashville along the Music City Star commuter rail line, which runs between downtown and Wilson County. A project on the 5.1 acres would mark the latest local attempt at transit-oriented development along the train route after Hamilton Springs in Lebanon with a development project also on the drawing ...

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