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Cooked salmon fish fillet with pepper, lemon and herbs(Photo: MariaUspenskaya, Getty Images/iStockphoto)

With pollen counts pumping up sooner than expected this year[1], many allergy sufferers will reach for eye drops, allergy shots and other medications for relief. But what about a plate of poached salmon, a kale salad or a crisp red pepper?

Allergy-fighting antihistamines come in pill and liquid forms, but they appear naturally vitamin C-packed vegetables. Those, as well as fishrich in Omega-3s, make up an anti-inflammatory diet that can help beat back allergy symptoms,said Emily Telfair, a naturopathic doctor in Baltimore.

Think of antihistamine medications"like the bandaid," she said, necessaryfor many just to get through the day. A few simple changes, though, may prevent your body from needing themin the first place.

"And foods a good way to start," she said.

Here are food choices that can help alleviate allergies, and some you might want to avoid.

Onions, cabbage and apples

These all contain quercetin, a compound that gives some fruits and vegetables a reddish hue. Quercetin also stabilizes mast cells, Telfair said, thosecellsthat pump out histamines as your body reactsto an allergen. Consuming it regularly, infood or supplement form, lends the body ...

News source: USA Today

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