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A balanced diet is an important foundation to maintain good health, but manyAmericans don’t know what nutrients are best for their eyes, and that diet can affect your eye health and vision as you age. Dr. Sean Claflin, Colorado Optometric Association President, encourages Americans to visit their doctor of optometry annually to discuss proper nutrition and to ensure their eyes are functioning properly.

“It’s important for people to be proactive with their health—make good lifestyle choices now to help avoid problems later,” said Dr. Claflin. “Stick to the building blocks for overall well-being: enjoy a nutrient-rich diet, stay active, and avoid harmful habits, such as smoking. All this can help people avoid sight-threatening disease and enjoy a lifetime of healthy vision.”

February is “American Heart Month” and a focus on heart-healthy eating habits include: eating more whole grains, nuts and fish, consuming less sugar and sodium, and avoiding trans & saturated fats all together can have a large effect on your overall health. Be sure to visit the American Heart Association’s website ( for more details on their list of “Life’s Simple 7” which includes seven factors to a healthier heart.

Drumroll—so what are the best foods for eye health? Forty-eight percent of Americans think of carrots as best, according to ...

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