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Health trends come and go some helpful, some not so helpful, and some downright dangerous. CBS News asked medical experts about some of the popular trends they recommend ditching in 2017.

Trend: Cooking with coconut oil

People seem to be eating it and drinking it with everything adding it to coffee, cooking their vegetables with it and its giving them large quantities of fat. I wish this trend would go away, said Dr. Andrew Freeman, a cardiologist and director of Cardiovascular Prevention and Wellness at National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado.

The latest guidelines from the American College of Cardiology recommend against tropical oils, he said. Freeman is the chair of the American College of Cardiologys nutrition and lifestyle working group.

Coconut oil[1], a tropical oil, is not recommended because its likely to be artery clogging.

Years ago, it was fed to lab animals to induce atherosclerosis, said Freeman.

Its not a recommended oil by any of the guidelines that I know of. In general, it can contribute to cardiovascular disease risk because of its very high saturated fat content. The

News source: WDEF

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