Tuesday, January 03, 2017 10:00 AM


Looking ahead at 2017, these business storylines are ones to watch in Nashville and in Tennessee.

Google Fiber installation, One Touch Make Ready

The battle between Google Fiber and existing providers AT&T and Comcast has only begun. After the Metro Council passed a controversial ordinance to speed up utility pole attachment — called One Touch Make Ready — AT&T and Comcast filed lawsuits against the city. Google Fiber has said the new policy is critical to its expansion efforts, making the court decision key to internet services here in Nashville and other Google Fiber cities.

Legislation unfriendly to LGBT individuals

In North Carolina, a law that limited LGBT protections became a political firestorm in 2016 as companies canceled expansion plans there and sporting events moved to other states in response. Meanwhile, Tennessee's lawmakers pushed for legislation that would require students in public schools to use the bathroom corresponding to their sex at birth and a separate bill that would allow therapists to reject LGBT clients, which was signed into law. If Tennessee pursues similar bills in 2017, business leaders have emphasized the state could face similar economic losses encountered by North Carolina.

Broadband in rural Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development published a report in 2016 outlining ...

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