Thursday, December 15, 2016 10:00 AM


The number of Tennesseans enrolling in Obamacare for 2017 has nearly doubled in the past two weeks, as people rush to meet the Dec.15 deadline.

Tennessee's enrollment numbers through Nov. 26 lagged national rates and those from 2015. More than 55,000 Tennesseans had then signed up for a plan on, a number that has since climbed to more than 104,666 as of Dec. 10.

Tatum Allsep, executive director of Music Health Alliance, said she is not surprised by the early declines and the recent surge in enrollment. Her non-profit organizations provides health care advocacy for those in the music industry, and she said this year she has often spent the first 15 minutes of each client meeting explaining that the Affordable Care Act is not going anywhere in 2017.

"With the new administration, no one is really sure what is happening. You hear 'repeal, replace, repeal, replace,'" Allsep said. "Even if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, it is going to take time to implement."

President-elect Donald Trump has advocated for dismantling President Obama's signature health care plan, but has said he would like to keep some components. Republicans in Congress have pushed for repealing the law but have not yet determined what they will replace it with, all ...

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