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The better a mans cardiorespiratory fitness, the less likely he is to die from cancer, suggests a long-term study from Denmark.

Cardiorespiratory fitness is a measurement of how well the body uses oxygen during intense exercise. Good cardiorespiratory fitness is well known to be associated with better cardiovascular health, but less is known about its effect on cancer risk, the study team writes in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

We understand that many cancers are due to unhealthy lifestyle factors and many cancers are therefore preventable, lead author Dr. Magnus Thorsten Jensen told Reuters Health by email.

There have previously been reports that higher levels of physical activity may reduce the risk of cancer, which is one of the reasons why physical activity is encouraged by the World Health Organization, said Jensen, a researcher at Holbaeck Hospital in Denmark.

Jensen and his colleagues analyzed data from the Copenhagen Male Study, which recruited middle-aged men who worked in Copenhagen starting in 1970.

The researchers followed 5,131 men who were about 49 years old, on average, and cancer-free when the study began. All of the participants underwent VO2 Max tests along with regular physical examinations at that time.

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