Monday, November 28, 2016 09:00 AM


With the holidays around the corner, your to-do list might feel longer than Kris Kringle's. But if you're sacrificing your health — and your vision — due to an overpopulated calendar, it's time to give your eyes the best holiday gift ever: an annual exam. In fact, there are several reasons this task should be right at the top of your list, which you should be checking twice.

It could save your life

Need one big motivator to get you to the eye doctor? That short exam could be a lifesaver — literally.

“Eyes will tell a lot about what going on in the body,” said Brad Childs, vice president of Eyetique, an optical boutique and optometry practice with 14 locations in Pennsylvania and Ohio. “Looking into someone's eyes is like a gateway to preventative medicine. Whether you need glasses or not, you need to get an exam.”

Childs reports that Eyetique's doctors have discovered tumors, diabetic retinopathy or other conditions that warranted immediate emergency care — simply through an annual exam.

Your vision is always changing

If you're avoiding the eye doctor because you think your vision is perfect, you might not be thinking — ...

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