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As studies have shown, those who suffer from overactive bladder (OAB) can manage their bladder health with diet adjustments. While it does take a little planning, it can bring many OAB sufferers a lot of relief.

Overactive bladder is best described as a bladder problem that leads to the sudden urge to urinate or the need to urinate frequently throughout the day and night. While volume of fluid intake can have an impact on this condition, there seems to be a lot of personal testimony suggesting the type of fluid and the kind of foods that are consumed play a very big role in the symptom flare-ups.

Statistics indicate that approximately 33 million Americans have overactive bladder, but there are likely many more people who haven’t reported the problem to their doctors. Part of the reason people go undiagnosed is because they are too “embarrassed” to talk about it or they think there is no way to treat it.  It’s a shame because overactive bladder can disrupt a person’s work, social, and family life.

Certain foods can irritate the bladder and urinary tract. Although the impact of different foods vary from person to person, many people do find that slight adjustments to their ...

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