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With gifts for family, friends and sometimes even co-workers not to mention all the dcor Christmas is a holiday that can turn out to be very expensive. This year save a little green, and even make the planet a bit greener, by adding recycling to your Christmas celebrations. Here are some ideas to get you started in reusing, repurposing and recycling that wont break the bank.

Choose alternative gift wrapping: Instead of buying expensive gift-wrapping paper use other materials you may already have at home like paper grocery bags and newspaper pages, especially the colorful Sunday comics. Cut the paper to size, taping several sheets or pages together if needed, then wrap each gift.

Invite your children to decorate the paper for a more personal touch with ribbon, paint, stickers or washi tape. Make a gift tag from last years Christmas cards by simply cutting out a rectangular shape from the front of the card. If you have craft supplies at home, you can make the corners rounded with a corner punch. Punch a hole at one end to tie a ribbon and attach to your gift.

Sometimes one of the gift items can be used as a wrapper. For example, ...

News source: Dalton Daily News

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