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ENT (ear, nose and throat) infections are quite common among children and adults. In majority of the cases, the symptoms are quite mild. However, in some cases, the infections can become severe, requiring treatment from an ENT specialist. To deal with persistent and severe infections, doctors often recommend antibiotics.

The problem arises when people take antibiotics irresponsibly to protect themselves from infections without knowing that overuse can cause severe health issues. As per the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adverse reactions to antibiotics are responsible for one in five medication-related emergency room visits. Therefore, it is always advised to stop antibiotics if any side-effects show up and consult with an expert before taking antibiotics.

Consequences of unnecessary antibiotics usage

ENT infections can be bacterial or viral. Bacterial infections usually do not happen as often, but such infections can become more serious. However, if an ENT infection is caused by bacteria, then it may be possible to treat it with antibiotics. Antibiotics only work against bacteria and cannot help with viral infections. Therefore, it is critical to understand the cause of the infection first before taking antibiotics.

Unnecessary or overuse of antibiotics can cause serious health issues, some of which are discussed below:

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