Tuesday, September 29, 2020 09:02 AM


Chip designer Arm[1] today announced the launch of a new set of solutions for autonomous systems for both automotive and industrial use cases. These include the Arm Cortex-A78AE high-performance CPU,the Mali-G78AE GPU and Arm Mali-C71AE image signal processor.

What makes all three of these chips stand out is that they have built-in safety features. Safety, in this context, means that the chips feature additional capabilities that ensure that every calculation is essentially double-checked.

Traditionally, Arm has offered two modes for its CPU. In split mode, all cores work independently and only go offline every now and then for quick sanity checks. This works well for applications with low or no safety requirements as the cores can run at close to their maximum performance.

Image Credits: Arm

In locked mode, cores run in pairs and their operations are cross-checked against each other. This helps these chips satisfy various automotive safety requirements[2], but comes with an obvious performance penalty, as you can only use half the cores.

Today, the company introduced its new hybrid mode for its CPUs, which combines the best of ...

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