Tuesday, May 12, 2020 06:46 PM


A majority of the City Council on Tuesday spoke in favor of a beautification project planned along the renovated U.S. 27 from I-24 to the Olgiati Bridge. Councilwoman Carol Berz and Councilman Erskine Oglesby were chief among those praising the effort led by Judge Neil Thomas.

This is really a great initiative that Judge Thomas has privately taken upon himself, and it has set a standard that will start to be emulated across the state, said Councilman Oglesby. I want to thank Councilwoman Berz, who has been serving on this committee from the outset for her output.

Jane Bowen also informed the council about the private aspect of this initiative. Most of the money comes from the state, with the city only contributing a limited amount. Private funding is also accounted for.

The city will put in one-fourth, the county will put in one-fourth, and then Tennessee Interstate Conservancy will put in one half of the funds, said Ms. Bowen. We are about to do a public campaign. Money is starting to come in and were starting to ramp up. But of course, COVID has not been our friend.

Ms. Bowen said the project ends at the freeway, and it does not incorporate the ...

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