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These kids allergy relief products will make for a happier and healthier spring.

Allergy season is upon us, and unfortunately, kids are not immune to seasonal allergies and the annoying stuff that comes with them. Our little allergy sufferers will be plagued by itchy eyes, runny noses and irritating coughs, just like adults. Allergies can come in many different forms, and while there isnt a one-size-fits-all solution to treating allergies[1] in children, there are many things parents can do to help.

Causes of Allergies in Children

Allergies are the bodys reaction to things that it deems harmful. While allergies are generally harmless, reacting to dust and pollen by sneezing and coughing is the immune systems way of defending against those perceived threats, according to Cedars Sinai. A child can react in many different ways, including:[2]

Itchy, runny noseCoughingHivesAsthma symptoms

Allergies can affect any child[3] at any time, and spending time indoors doesnt necessarily mitigate seasonal allergies. Many people who have seasonal allergies also react to indoor allergens, like dust and mold. The good news is, ...

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